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Meet the Mushrooms

The programme was designed in the context of the environmental education of pre-school students. Through discussion, projection of images, information, dance and painting, we aim to inform students about the way mushrooms grow, their natural environment and their function. 

The main objective of the educational programme, apart from informing students, is to raise awareness of environmental issues. Through discussion, physical expression and visual arts, students are introduced to the concept of sustainability and to an understanding of the laws governing nature. This gives them the opportunity to reflect on the importance of a balanced relationship between man and the natural environment for the protection of the ecosystem.

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This project seeks to satisfy the human desire to peacefully enjoy the beauty of nature by addressing the urgent need to respect the natural environment by developing habits of sustainable and responsible consumption and interaction with the natural environment.

Happy children in autumn in the countryside


Mapping of the natural, social, cultural and productive resources of the area, analysis of the data collected during the mapping and their visualization using Business Intelligence tools.

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Mountain product

The quality designation "mountain product" denotes the distinctive qualities of a product made in mountainous regions under challenging environmental conditions.

Both farmers and consumers benefit from this acknowledgment. It not only makes certain characteristics of the product clear to the consumer but also helps farmers market their products more effectively.

  • Products: agricultural and food products.
  • Specifications: The raw materials and animal feed come from mountain areas. For processed products, production must also take place in these areas.


Report: Labelling of agricultural and food products of mountain farming

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